Bill Gates’ Shocking Claim: ChatGPT Reigns Supreme!

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The Astonishing Revelation: Bill Gates Declares ChatGPT as the Most Groundbreaking Technological Leap Since 1980!

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, recently made a bold statement about OpenAI’s GPT artificial intelligence model. Gates declared that GPT is the most revolutionary technological advancement since the emergence of modern GUI (graphical desktop environment) in 1980. Before GUIs, computers were operated through lines of code, but GUIs made them more accessible to non-experts. Similarly, GPT can write the text that is highly similar to human writing and even generate usable computer code.

Last year, Gates challenged OpenAI to develop an AI model that could pass the Advanced Placement Biology test. GPT-F scored extremely high and surpassed 90% of human scores. Gates believes that the breakthrough of AI is as important as the emergence of processors, PCs, the internet, and mobile phones. He thinks it will change people’s work, study, travel, healthcare, and communication, and the entire industry will be repositioned around it.

Gates is not alone in his belief that AI breakthroughs represent a major shift in the tech industry. Other tech luminaries, such as former Google CEO Schmidt and former Amazon CEO Bezos, share their views. Many CEOs also see huge business opportunities in AI applications and tools. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang even compared AI breakthroughs to the “iPhone moment,” predicting that entrepreneurs will find new business opportunities and products.

Microsoft has invested $10 billion in OpenAI and sells AI software through its Azure cloud service. Gates recognizes that the public is concerned about AI’s potential to become biased, incorrect, or unfriendly, but he also believes that AI can improve life. The key is to find a balance between the two.

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